"It is said that which does not kill you makes you stronger. But that which makes you stronger can often kill you. Addiction is a weakness, one that must be overcome. Venom has become my addiction, my weakness."
―Bane commenting on his reliance on Venom[src]
Bane render
Personal information
Real nameUnknown
OccupationProfessional criminal
Based inGotham City
Physical description
Eye colorBrown
Green (on Venom)
Hair colorBrown
Height5 ft 6 inches
9 ft 2 in (on Venom)
Weight140 lbs
350 lbs (on Venom)
Real-world information
AppearancesArkham Asylum
Arkham City
Arkham Origins
Arkham Origins Blackgate
Voice actorFred Tatasciore
JB Blanc (Arkham Origins)

Bane was raised inside a horrific prison in Santa Prisca, having been imprisoned from birth in order to serve his dead father's sentence. He was subjected to military experiments with the compound known as Venom, along with many other prisoners. However, Bane's iron will allowed him to survive where other prisoners did not, and his Venom-enhanced superhuman strength allowed him to escape.

Determined to build his own criminal empire, Bane made his way to Gotham City, where he fought Batman in combat and broke his spine, crippling him and earning a reputation as "the man who broke the Bat". However, Batman was able to recover and defeat Bane in a rematch, cutting off his supply of Venom.


Assassin for hireEdit

One Christmas Eve, Bane was hired by the Joker to kill Batman. After failing to "break the Bat" on a rooftop, Bane used his advanced intellect to deduce Batman's identity. After infiltrating the Batcave and leaving Alfred Pennyworth for dead, Bane went to Blackgate Prison to finally kill Batman. Bane attached a heart monitor to his chest, connecting his life with Joker's electric chair. Refusing to kill, Batman instead used his electric gloves to send him into cardiopulmonary arrest and rip out his supply of Venom. After Batman jump-started Bane's heart, Bane grabbed Batman and injected himself with TN-1, an experimental formula he devised to end his need for Venom.[1]

After Batman defeated TN-1 Bane, he reverted to a weakened state and was transferred to the Arkham Wing of the facility. Amanda Waller then hired Catwoman to retrieve Bane from Blackgate, to use him in her Suicide Squad.[2]

Patient XEdit

Bane was eventually transferred to Arkham Asylum, where he became a lab rat for Dr. Penelope Young and her TITAN Project. To do this, Bane was completely drained of his Venom and suspended a few feet above the ground. After Batman rescued James Gordon from Harley Quinn's clutches, he discovered Bane in a secret lab underneath the Medical Facility. Joker then reintroduced Venom back into Bane's veins, allowing the behemoth to break his restraints and attack Batman. Batman and Bane fought in a nearby boiler room, with the former able to escape to the outside. After Batman and Gordon reunited, Bane crashed through a wall and grabbed Batman. Promising to break Batman, Bane was instead run over by the Batmobile and forced into the nearby river. Whilst there, Bane attained a crate of TITAN.[3]

Arkham CityEdit

After being locked up in Arkham City, Bane started collecting canisters of TITAN for his own personal use. Being discovered by Batman, Bane asked for his help to "destroy" all of the canisters hidden throughout the makeshift prison. Once Batman returned, the duo were ambushed by TYGER guards. After defeating the guards, Bane revealed his true intentions to Batman and proceeded to attack him. Batman evaded Bane's attack and trapped him in a cage, allowing Batman to destroy Bane's remaining supply of TITAN.[4]



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