Batman assembling the Batclaw

The Batclaw is a gadget employed by Batman and Nightwing. It is an attachment to the grapnel gun that fires a claw-like projectile that interacts with out-of-reach objects and pulls them towards the user.[1] In combat, users can fire the Batclaw at enemies and follow up immediately with a strike, performing a move called the Batclaw Slam. This does double the damage of a normal strike but takes more time to perform, leaving users vulnerable to attack.[2][3]


  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Batclaw will always cause enemies to fall over, whereas in Arkham City and Arkham Origins they will only lose balance and stagger. Redirecting over staggering enemies will make them fall over.
  • In Arkham Origins, using the Batclaw against Bane will result in him dodging and taunting Batman for using "toys". Using it against Bane while he takes a boost of Venom will result in him countering the Batclaw, causing Batman to take damage.
  • Strangely, if the Batclaw is drawn in front of a mirror, the claw itself will not appear in the reflection.