Personal information
Real nameGarfield Lynns
OccupationProfessional criminal
Based inGotham City
Physical description
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorWhite with black temples
Height5 ft 11 in
Weight165 lbs
Real-world information
AppearancesArkham Asylum (referenced only)
Arkham Origins
Arkham Knight
Voice actorCrispin Freeman

An unstable pyromaniac, Firefly (Garfield Lynns) began as a petty criminal but soon moved on to bigger crimes that focused on arson, burning multiple portions of Gotham City. However, one of his fires became too much for him to control, leaving him horribly scarred. Firefly's body is almost completely covered with burns, and he now wears a full-body flame-retardant suit and jetpack when not pursuing criminal interests or prison sentences in Blackgate Prison. Biography Garfield Lynns worked as a pyrotechnic for Panessa Studios, but as the owner fired him, Lynns doused him and his burning cigarrette with nitroglycerine, burning him alive. He then worked as an arsonist, but after being burned over 90% of his body in a fire at a chemical plant, he worked on an insulated battle suit and jetpack and flamethrower. He took up work as a contract killer.


  • There are some discrepancies between Firefly's databases in Arkham Asylum and Arkham Origins. As it is the latest in continuity, this article uses his Arkham Asylum database.


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