Glue Grenade

Batman acquiring the Glue Grenade

The Glue Grenade is a gadget employed by Batman. This non-lethal projectile can be directly applied to a single enemy to restrain them. This can be used effectively in combat situations. The unique buoyancy effect the Glue Grenade adhesive allows it to create a platform which will float temporarily on water.

The Glue Grenade can be upgraded to include a proximity movement sensor that will automatically trap an enemy that approaches a triggered device. This was useful to restrain patrolling enemies or cause a delayed reaction.

Also included is the Glue Cluster Grenade, which has a radius effect that will trap the feet of every enemy within it. Although their movement will be restricted, all enemies with firearms will be able to fire.


  • When fully upgraded, the Glue Grenade's functionality as a mine does not work properly. It will be replaced with a Glue Cluster Grenade mine instead. While this does not change the device in any meaningful way, it will be less effective against armed enemies, as they will still be able to fire.


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