This article is about Jason Todd, the second Red Hood. You may be looking for the first Red Hood.

"You always told me, Bruce... focus on what I want to achieve... and it'll happen. Well you wanna know what I want now, huh? I want you dead."
―Jason, upon revealing his identity to Batman
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Red Hood
Personal information
Real nameJason Todd
Based inGotham City
Physical description
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlack
Height6 ft
Weight200 lbs
Real-world information
AppearancesArkham City (indirect reference only)
Arkham Knight
Voice actorTroy Baker

Red Hood is an antihero based in Gotham City.

Jason Todd was the son of a petty criminal and a drug-addicted mother, and was raised in a slum. When his father was imprisoned and his mother died, Jason was forced to fend for himself, and found himself stealing car parts for money. He met Batman while attempting to steal tires from the Batmobile.

Desiring to protect the young boy and help him deal with his anger, Batman took Jason in and trained him to fight crime by his side, and he became the second Robin, taking over after Dick Grayson abandoned the role. While Jason lacked Dick's cheerful enthusiasm and acrobatic prowess, his past had made him tough and fiercely driven.

Frustrated by his mentor's refusal to kill the Joker, despite his crimes, Jason became determined to do so himself. However, Joker managed to capture and torture him, and Batman became consumed with guilt as a result, believing his apprentice to have died.

However, Jason was in fact still alive, and resurfaced many years later as the Arkham Knight. Beyond the discovery of a militia training facility in South America, practically nothing was known about this alias. Upon his return to Gotham, he quickly earned a reputation as a fearless and ruthless tactician among the city's leading criminals. Working with Scarecrow, he swore to kill Batman and destroy everything he stood for.

Jason eventually put aside the Arkham Knight persona and abandoned his thirst for vengeance against Batman. Beginning to heal the damage inflicted upon him by Joker, he rechristened himself Red Hood, and began his own crusade in Gotham. While he has once again dedicated himself to ridding Gotham of crime, Red Hood's willingness to kill sets him apart from Batman and his immediate allies.


  • There are three separate bios for Jason. One includes information on his life as Robin, a second includes information on the Arkham Knight (and excludes his identity), and a third details his new identity as Red Hood.
  • The idea of Joker capturing Robin and breaking his mind in Arkham Asylum has been done before. Joker did the same with Tim Drake in the animated movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.
  • Despite the Arkham Knight's mask being found in the GCPD evidence room, it can also be found still on the floor in his hideout.