Remote Claw

Batman acquiring the Remote Claw

The Remote Claw is a gadget employed by Batman and Deathstroke. It fires a clawed projectile that, once it reaches it primary target, will fire a second claw and cable to a secondary target. Once both targets are met, a powerful internal reel will use the rope to pull the two targets together. This will have various effects depending on which targets are chosen. It can create a tightrope between anchor points, smash enemies together to stun them, or launch explosive objects to enemies to knock them out.

Tightropes created by the Remote Claw can create various takedown opportunities. The Tightrope Takedown can be performed while on a rope above an unaware enemy. The Zipline Takedown can be executed while ziplining over an unaware enemy. Neither of these Takedowns are silent and both will therefore attract attention.