The Remote Controlled Batarang is a gadget employed by Batman. It is a special Batarang that can be controlled after being released, making it useful for hitting switches and objects out of reach.[1] Brake and flip controls provide high levels of maneuverability. It also features a boost function that can be used to impact into enemies at high velocity to send them flying. If directed into electricity, the Remote Controlled Batarang will retain the electric charge, and can then be utilized to overload items such as fuse boxes, or deliver shocks to enemies that instantly take them down.[2][3]

Remote Controlled Batarangs can also be pre-programmed to loop back on themselves and hit an enemy from behind, leaving them dazed and confused while searching for their attacker in the wrong direction. This is referred to as a Reverse Batarang. It is useful for disorienting an enemy so that the user can sneak up and take them down during the confusion.[2][3]


  • It is odd how the Remote Controlled Batarang in Batman: Arkham Origins features its maneuverability from Arkham City, while the gadget that appears in Arkham Asylum is much less advanced, and lacks almost all of the features present in the advanced version.
  • In Arkham Asylum, Remote Controlled Batarangs can hit more than one enemy before they cease to function. This is not the case in Arkham City or Arkham Origins.