"Wherever flames may rage give me strength to save a life."
―Station 17's motto.[src]

Station 17 is a firefighting unit of Gotham City.


Prior to Scarecrow's plan to take over Gotham, the city had planned to shut Station 17 down. With few options left, Chief Raymond Underhill gave Firefly a list of abandoned buildings and the access codes to bypass any security measures. Firefly started a series of fires around Gotham City, insuring Underhill's men would keep their jobs. Firefly's arson spree got out of hand, and some of the crew were burned in the process. Knowing something was amiss, members of Station 17 began trying to figure out the arsonist's identity.

On Halloween, en route to another fire amidst the chaos, Station 17 was ambushed and captured by rioters. Over the course of the night, Batman rescued each of the firefighters being held hostage. With their collective recollection, Batman deduced the arsonist was Firefly and that Chief Underhill was his accomplice. After rescuing the chief, Batman escorted Underhill to GCPD. Underhill willingly obliged, stating that he should be the one to tell his men of his subterfuge.